Eviction Help

Kitsap Community Resources (KCR): Housing Solutions Center – Connects individuals to housing resources including emergency shelters, rental and deposit assistance, and/or landlord referral. (360) 377-0053 https://www.kcr.org/

Housing Kitsap – Provides affordable housing and homeownership opportunities to individuals and families in Kitsap County. (360) 535-6100 https://www.housingkitsap.org/ 

Housing Resources Bainbridge – Provides affordable housing options to citizens of Bainbridge Island. (360) 535-6100 https://www.housingkitsap.org/

Bremerton Salvation Army – Provides emergency shelters, group homes and transitional living facilities, and housing assistance for families. (360) 373-5550 https://bremerton.salvationarmy.org/ 

Catholic Charity Centers – Offers clean, sober living arrangements, food, and career counseling services. (206) 448-8709 https://ccsww.org/get-help/shelter-homeless-services/housing-and-essential-needs-hen-kitsap-county/

Bremerton Housing Authority – Provides short term funds to assist in payment of rent, eviction prevention, and assistance paying security deposits. (360) 479-3694 https://bremertonhousing.org/